domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Crisim is on the table – Level 1

“My Work
My job is interesting… to me. For the others, it can be boring. I file images of sport and I put their description in a computer system. This job has a strange name, “indexação”. This kind of job only exists on television or in the museums of image. For not to complicate too much, I say “I’m an archivist”.
I worked during the night. I did this for five years. Now, I work during the day, until midnight. The work during the night was better than the day: I was more concentrated. But I was by myself. Now somebody always interrupt me because during the day I have company. Another thing that I don’t like are the gossips. There are a lot of gossips. My god! I think it’s because the slogan is : “Information is our sport”

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