segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Crisim is on the table - Last Level

"Gino and Me

When I was younger I used to visit a couple of friends that decided to live a natural life. They had a little farm in Ibiuna and entertained themselves planting organic vegetables and rearing animals. During the weekend I made many rural tasks: feeding the chicken and pigs, planting without knowing what kind of vegetable was planted, milking goats, etc. After I had lived as a happy farmer during two days, I returned to my lovely urban life.
One day, the goats were eating out of the corral and my friends asked me to take care of them, especially the male one. Its name was Gino and it was very majestic with its big horns and long brown pelage. My responsibility was not to let them go to the neighbor’s ground. To look stronger and make the goats afraid, I took a stick. I stayed there completely proud of my superiority controlling my herd. In my veins ran the blood of several Portuguese shepherd ancestors.
However, Gino was a creature with personality. In spite of my autority, it passed the neighbor’s border and started eating some plants. Suddenly, I appeared in front of it and beat my stick on the ground with determination. It put its forward paws going against me with its horns. This reaction took me by surprise. After I could think anything, I shouted “help” as loudly as possible. Luckily it thought I was playing. It wasn’t really angry. When it had noticed I was paralyzed, it stopped and stared waiting for the next movement.
Then, my friends arrived and saw a curious situation: a goat and a human being assessing each other.
After that, our relationship has never been the same. We’ve just stayed closer with a grid protecting us."

domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Crisim is on the table – Level 1

“My Work
My job is interesting… to me. For the others, it can be boring. I file images of sport and I put their description in a computer system. This job has a strange name, “indexação”. This kind of job only exists on television or in the museums of image. For not to complicate too much, I say “I’m an archivist”.
I worked during the night. I did this for five years. Now, I work during the day, until midnight. The work during the night was better than the day: I was more concentrated. But I was by myself. Now somebody always interrupt me because during the day I have company. Another thing that I don’t like are the gossips. There are a lot of gossips. My god! I think it’s because the slogan is : “Information is our sport”

sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

Crisim is on the table – Level 1

Estou na reta final da minha dedicação à língua de bárbaros, vulgo o inglês. Foi um longo caminho que começou lá quando eu era adolescente, passou pelo primeiro e segundo grau, e está para acabar até o final deste ano. Depois disso já me considero devidamente educada neste idioma, e pouco me importa o que digam os especialistas. De lá para cá produzi muitas pérolas em formato de redação que quero compartilhar com vocês. Todas, of course, devidamente corrigidas pelas minhas diligentes professoras. Percebam a sensível evolução desta humilde aluna. É incrível como fui conseguindo dominar esta besta fera lingüística. James Joyce que se cuide!
My School
My school time is in the past. But I have good memories about that, specially my college time. I studied History in USP years ago, precisely ten years ago. I liked what I learned there. But I liked more who I met: my friends. It’s the proof how intense were those days
I don’t remember many things I learned there (and I hate when somebody asks me “when or how did it happen?”) but I have a history feeling. I know when something is tendentious. And I need to understand the facts in a precise context. Finally, I became a good researcher.
What about my school? Well, it was a good school. My best capacities I developed there.